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Stamp Sets, Products, and Gift Cards

The Stamp Shammy
Scrub your stamps and keep them happy! This adorable handmade shammy it the perfect stamp cleaner for every crafter you know. Measuring approximately 5x7" and boasting the cutest logo on one corner, this is the tool you'll reach for over and over again.  Please not that this is a homemade item and there may be some variances in size and print quality.  (I support local and small businesses and try to source everything from those in my group.) 
Simply add water to thoroughly hydrate your shammy, no harsh chemicals or cleaners needed.  Allow shammy to dry after use, then hydrate again and use over and over.  The shammy will also get inky over time, not to worry though, it will continue to clean your stamps with no problem. 
Stamp Shammy

Gorilla Stamp Set
Ever see a gorilla this excited?  Yeah, me either! Lol!  You'll love adding this grumpy gorilla to so many projects.  Holding a can (of whatever you think his favorite beverage is) and accompanied by empties and a 6 pack, this gorilla is great for Father's Day, birthday, or any time you need a card more on the masculine side.  Lots of interactive sentiments and silly saying as well! Everything here to make you smile, even if he won't! 
Gorilla 4x6" Stamp Set: $14.99

He Couldn't Breathe Underwater Stamp Set
Lurking in the deepest part of the ocean, you'll find this beautiful mermaid and her bioluminescent friend. Accompanied by sentiments that are filled with snark and inspiration, you'll adore so many things about this stamp set.  From flowing tails to fish scales, this unique stamp set is truly one of a kind! 
He Couldn't Breathe Underwater 4x6" Stamp Set:

April Showers Stamp Set
It's a bunny!!!!!! Ok, the adorableness (is that a word?) of this bunny is over the top! It's hanging out under this huge umbrella testing the temperature of the rain. Perfect for spring cards, but can make a reappearance in fall as well!  Sentiments in this set range from sweet to snarky and everything in between.  This cute stamp sett will have you saying, "awwwww" ever time you ink it up.
April Showers 4x6" Stamp Set: $14.99

Sometimes Life Sucks Stamp Set
This sad little fairy is the perfect alternative to the traditional sympathy card. Holding her heart and donned with a mourning veil, she's the sweetest way to say "my heart hurts for you."  With a bunch of sentiments that convey a wide range of emotions, this will be a set you reach for often. 
Sometimes Life Sucks 4x6" stamp set: $14.99

So Much Love Stamp Set
So Much Love 4x6" Stamp Set: $14.99
A sweet little couple ready for any occasion. This stamp set is full of fun and snarky saying that are very diverse and ready for all sorts of cards.  From holidays to Anniversaries and everything in between. You'll find yourself going back to this set again and again! 

Coffee Plans Stamp Set

4x6" Coffee Planner Set!
This adorable little set has all the things you need in a planner set! There's a goal stamp, a calorie tracker, water tracker, and even a step tracker.  The images are large enough that you could use on a card or in your scrapbook as well.  I cannot wait to see what creative things you do with this set! 

The Only Gift You Need Stamp Set
The Only Gift You Need 4x6" stamp set: 
This sassy and fun stamp set is great for any occasion where you'll be giving a gift to someone.  This sweet girl is handing this perfectly wrapped box to someone special.  Full of snarky comments and lots of love, the sentiments on this set make it so versatile! Made of high quality photopolymer in the USA! 

Water Mandala Stencil
This beautiful stencil will have you reaching for it again and again.  With shapes that mimic raindrops you'll find yourself getting lost in the intricate beauty of this very versatile stencil. 
Water Mandala Stencil $5.99

Mandala Stencil

 Mandala Stencil:
This awesome stencil makes so many fun backgrounds.  You'll find yourself reaching for it again and again. Approx 5.5" square.  Made of high quality material in the USA.  

Gift Cards:

Don't know what to get the person who has everything?  Well, look no further.  Simply choose the amount you'd like to gift in the drop down menu and I will send them a handmade card indicating the gift amount and who it's from.  Please fill out the notes field or send me an email if you want to include a special message or send to an address other than what is on your PayPal or purchase receipt. 

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