Mini Classes

Short on time?  Look no further!  These classes are designed specifically with the busy crafter in mind.  All classes are less than 45 minutes long from start to finish so you can color and learn, then get on with the rest of your very busy day!

Raccoon Mini Class: $10 (digital image and class video included!)

Let's face it, eating trash all day long is what we all wish we could do.... I mean without gaining massive amounts of weight! This fun little trash panda and his can of snacks are handing out at the edge of the campground waiting for a refill.  Image from the amazing Le Doux Designs!  You'll learn to color this fuzzy little bloated raccoon, and even the background in this awesome "Mini Class!" 

Autumn 2019 mini class: $10 (Stamp and class video included!)


When you have to have some caffeine to get going, this little guy may actually be your spirit animal.  What would you do if you could hold 8 cups of caffeinated goodness all at once? This mini class will teach you to color fuzzy purple hair, as well as bright green eyes and smooth shaded warm gray legs. 

Summer 2019 mini class: $10 (Stamp and class video included!)

This adorable little kitten has brought you a bright flower, fresh from the garden!  Featuring a stamp from CC Designs this class will teach you the basics in shading black while still achieving shape and texture.


  1. Cathy Richards RendekAugust 11, 2019 at 11:51 PM

    I love the idea of the mini classes!! Could we do one on hair please? ��
    Thanks Cathy Rendek

  2. Great idea but can we get these mini classes in the UK?

  3. I bought the spider and wasn't going to buy the kitten but i couldn't resist I love the idea of mini classes--i have been wanting to follow some classes as I have just watched videos and taught myself, but I want to color the stamps I have or the stamps i love and I dont want to buy a huge coloring page you practice with. This is perfect for me. Very easy on my time and checkbook.


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