Current and past classes:

All classes are sold with a kit on a first come, first served basis.  If you are purchasing a class after the kits have sold out, you will still receive the class PDF with marker list and video link. 

Monthly Reoccurring Subscription: 

May 2019 Class:

 April 2019 Class:

March 2019 Class:

February 2019 Class:

January 2019 Class:


  1. Excellent price for your classes! I will definitely be checking them out.

  2. I would love to take your class but just can’t afford it right now. I love to color just don’t have experience with markers. I love to color with crayons. I have started trying other things like watercolor pencils . I don’t have any comic markers to try yet, But I do have stampin up markers. Your coloring is awesome!!

  3. Can we please have an option of just the classes on the reoccurring subscription as well please as I can't afford the extra postage it would be to the UK. but I would still like to sign up to a monthly class.

    Thanks Sharon x

  4. I live the classes and the kits are so much more than just stamps! The price offs unbelievable and with every penny send more
    Thanks Jammie for such amazing lessons. You have helped me take my coloring to a whole new level.
    Im a subscriber for life

  5. I'm like several others from above comments. Even though the cost for your kits and class is fantastic, I'm on a fixed income (a senior) and just can't afford it. I would love to see if you can offer the classes at a reduced price. Thanks


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