2020 Classes

Here's the place where you can find all of the current year's classes that have kits available. Happy shopping. 

August 2020 Class (Marker)
Follow your heart, it always knows the way.  This class will teach you a lot about texture and varying tones of browns.  The E series of Comic markers is the largest and this class will teach you how to use them to their fullest.  You'll also learn tips on texture and light.  There's a little something for everyone in this awesome class. 
August 2020 Class with kit (Marker) "Wild at Heart" $35

August 2020 Background Class
Wild at Heart Forest
In this fun background class you'll learn how to layer your coloring to create a woodland scene. Includes tips and tricks that will make your background building a breeze and up your confidence level on creating around your stamped image! Suitable for all skill levels. 

August 2020 Background class (Video only) $20

What's the buzz?  This class is all the buss right now!  You'll learn to color soft yellows with the limited number (and variances) in the Copic marker line of yellows. You'll learn to create depth and soft shading along with a beautiful soft green and transparent wings in this summertime class.  This background is truly illuminating with a gorgeous colorful sunset.  A technique you'll use on MANY other cards in the future.  You'll also learn about coloring glass is this versatile class. 
July 2020 Class with kit "Queen Bee": $35
Sunset Background Class: $20

June 2020 Class (Marker)
This grumpy gorilla is hanging out on his front porch participating in some social distancing (from his family). You'll love this coloring class that's fill of tips and tricks on how to get more out of what's not shown in the lines.  Like hair, plaid shirts, and even shadows. The background class will show you how to create an environment around your image using your trusty ruler.  Some of us are way too afraid to freehand things, so using a ruler will help you have the confidence you need to create an awesome background that you can use on many cards in the future! 
June 2020 Class with Kit (Marker): $35
June 2020 Background Class (Video Only): $20

May 2020 Class
Happy May, or shall I say "MerMay?!?!"  This class is sure to be a whole ocean of fun.  Focusing on the deep sea mermaid and her little bioluminescent pal, you'll learn a number of fun techniques that include, scales, textured blending, and creating refraction of light. 
The background class is PERFECT for all of you who are afraid to try backgrounds.  I take some very simple techniques and approaches to making a background that looks like you've taken an art major!  Ok, well, maybe not that far. But you will learn a lot about saturation and blending techniques and how to make your markers layer and interact with one another.  
These are classes you DON'T want to miss! 

May 2020 Class: Video and kit: $35

May 2020 Background class (video only): $20

April 2020 Class
It's spring!!!!! Well sort of, you know how it goes! This little bunny is just happy to be out having fun in the rain!  In this class you'll learn one of the most asked about techniques; smooth shading.  I'll teach you to achieve those soft gradients of color that are so coveted.  A perfect class for advanced colorists ad beginners alike.  The background portion o this class will also discuss smooth shading as well as creating depth in layers. 
April 2020 Class with Kit

April 2020 Background class (video only):

March 2020 Class
This class is sure to touch your heart.  A sweet fairy, grief stricken and mourning for the loss of something dear to her.  Sympathy cards are the most difficult to make, and I think this little fairy will do just the trick for you all.  You'll learn to make a sheer veil and add glitter to it as well. You'll also learn to add emotion to a face to enhance the character.  In the background class you'll learn to layer your backgrounds to make them more dimensional.  Perfect for beginners all the way through advance colorists.  You'll enjoy and learn so much from this amazing class. 

March 2020 Class With Kit:

March 2020 Background Class (video only):

February 2020 Class

Are you ready to rock around the clock? Well these two love birds sure are!  This class will teach you to make subtle differences in skin tone so your characters are not identical.  It will also teach you to show some movement in clothing and how to use shadows to demonstrate that. Perfect for beginners but also a great refresher to advanced colorists. The accompanying background class will teach you to make a "gym" background and a whole different style of background coloring, different from January's class.  You'll have so much fun as you learn new techniques and fun tricks and tips that you can apply to any image or background!

February 2020 Class with Kit:

February 2020 Background Class (Video Only):

January 2020 Class
The VERY first class in the 2020 series and also the CATT series!  In the standard class you'll learn to color this amazing image.  Beautiful brown skin tone and awesome curly hair will be the focus of this month's class.  In the ad on background class you'll learn to layout your background and create a room around your image. You'll also learn to make a cityscape outside of the window. These fun and engaging classes are perfect for the beginning colorist as well as the advanced colorist.  You'll have a blast learning to color the Sweet Sentiment way! 

January 2020 Class with kit:

January 2020 Background Class (Video Only):

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  1. I love the monthly classes as I learn so much from Jammie who is such a wonderful teacher. There are not many colourist out there who work in Copics but she also gives the alternative colours for Spectrum Noir Pens as well. If you want to improve your colouring skills then these classes are a must. If you can go for the background class as well, you won't regret it as you will learn so much as Jammie's projects are always so full of techniques you can use.


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