PND Puppies out for a walk

I don't think our dogs have ever been for so many walks as they have been because of this crazy Covid-19 thing!  Wow!  It's kind of fun to see what kind of dogs everyone in the neighborhood has though.  I usually only just hear them barking from behind the fence. 

I colored this Paper Nest Dolls image, because, well, because I hadn't colored it since last summer.  I put it on a card using a bunch of Doodlebug papers!  I just love it, that's all I have to say! Lol. the class video is still available, and you can still purchase this stamp from Paper Nest Dolls. 

Ok I REALLY need a coffee, So off to the coffee pot I go.  Toodles! 


  1. I need to color this one!!! I did the kitties, but not this one!!!! It's adorable!!!!

  2. I have loved this image ever since it was included in my Sweet Sentiment class kit. Thank you for such a great class.
    PS I adore the use of color and you can't go wrong with Doodlebug


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