Hope it doesn't suck

Ok, so you all know I like to use stamp sets in ways that are unique and maybe even not the intended purpose.  That's why I try to make all o fly stamp sets super versatile.  The Stamp set "I Hope it Doesn't Suck" is no acceptation to the rule..... Check out these cards that I made today...

This is the Image as I colored it in the class for January.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this came together.  She is so sassy and just looks like a person I would totally be friends with.  She has attitude, and it not into this workout at all! hahahahaha!

Today, I colored her in a TOTALLY different way, I made her a ginger! hahaha!  I really wanted to use some bright and fun spring time looking papers, and this card allowed me to do just that.  

This just goes to show you, you can color any stamp in any way, you just have to let your imagination go a little wild.  That's the fun in getting crafty!

Now, I'm off to make some more coffee! I'll see ya all soon!  Toodles!!!! 

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