A tipsy mermaid...

I don't know what I'd do with a drunken sailor, nor do I know what to do with a tipsy mermaid.... but this Image from Some Odd Girl is just awesome!

I colored her up using a super fun fistful of bright Copic markers in my favorite colors of Teal and Purple.  I know I should have written down the list of all that I used, but today, I just wanted to color. My friend Becky told me that I needed to color a background for her ..... I realized you don't tell Becky "no."  So, a background needed to happen.  I was trying to figure out what her story was and it felt to me that she was swimming along and happened upon a pirate ship full of pirate rum.  She had a bit too much and found herself in this state.  Ha ha ha! 

Of course I had to add a lot of glitter to her tail and hair, because, hey, she's a mermaid! I also put glossy accents on the bottles to make them pop a bit more.  I sure hope she doesn't have a hangover in the morning! 

This project was done for day 3 of the 12 day coloring challenge for Some Odd Girl. I'm having a lot of fun coloring for this challenge!  Hooray!  Talk to you all soon!  Tootles! 

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  1. This turned out so amazing! I love the little pix you send me of each part finished but the background you hand drew and then colored in, is a total WOW!


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