TGF Single Layer

It has been a long long long (very long) time since I have entered a challenge over at The Greeting Farm. ..... and since I got new pencils and a new TGF set... I figured what the heck....why not!?!? I surfed on over to their blog and figured out that the challenge was single layer cards...... wow.... seriously?

THIS is really gunna be a challenge for me.... like REALLY challenging!  Those of you who know me know that I layer my cards... A LOT!!! I Love DSP and layers and more layers and then perhaps just another layer..... so... deep sigh.... here I go....

I stamped the Image, colored it in, threw it away, stamped it again, colored it in.... tossed it again.... hehehehe this happened once more and then I got smart... I stamped the Image, Stamped a mask, did the cool Oxide Ink background thing, spritzed it with water, blotted it, let it dry, then set to coloring.

Ok, so pencils are new to me, I have... wait for it... 20!!!! Awe yeah baby! A whole 20 pencils... but I love all 20 of them (and the rest of the set will be here tomorrow)!  I colored the sweet little nurse and  steeled myself as I put this one, single, layer on the card base.  Then I stepped back..... and smiled..... OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I added some clear, glittery, Nuvo drops and the sentiment (then let it dry).  I'm so so so so glad I did this, I could really learn to love these single layer cards!  Hooray for challenges that make you think, and make you reach outside of your comfort zone! I'm so excited! 

Thanks for checking in, have a wonderful Turkey day! Tootles! 

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