Use a what?!?!?!!?

Ok, we all know that Saturday Challenges at KKS mean a "themed challenge." It's fun, it gets you creative, makes ya think...... but when I read that I had to "use a doily" on my card I thought, "what the heck?!?!?"

Ok, so I scoured my house, craft stashes, asked a few friends, went to the craft store (twice) (both times I got a lot of other things, then got home and realized that I forgot to look for doilies) and still had no doilies.  What the heck is a girl to do?  OOOOHHHHHH!!! IDEA!!!!!

Ya see what I did there? I used my Cricut machine to cut a "doily" into a piece of acitate! Oh yeah! I colored up Alice in Wonderland all Halloween style and fussy cut her, because I'm pretty sure that fussy cutting is my new form of therapy. 

Ok, so I was a little bit of a rebel yet again, I'm sure that doesn't surprise any of you at all. But I couldn't find a real doily and this was a creative way to still be able to play along.  I hope that you can use this as inspiration and play along in the challenge with us this week!  Have a great weekend... Tootles!

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