A little Friendly Challenge

So, I have this Canadian friend, her name is Leah, and she and I chat a lot.... well.... we message a lot! Ha ha ha! Thank goodness for technology (most of the time)!  So, in the course of our chatting we decided to challenge one another to a little Friendly Crafty Challenge.  It goes like this:  Each month one of us is to mail the other some element for a card (or other project) to use.  It could be something we love, or something we hate, or whatever.  But the challenge is that we BOTH have to make a project using that element.

So, here is my first project using the item that I mailed to the great white north!

You can pop on over to Leah's blog and check out her post as well (http://odetopaper.blogspot.com/2016/08/a-fun-friendly-challenge.html) to see what you think is the element that we both used! Comment on both of our blogs and let us know!  

Hope you all have a crafty day! 

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