Not a card!

When challenges are set forth by companies, especially those with prizes involved, I like to test my hand at them. I'm sure you've all gathered that. This week Kraftin Kimmie Stamps said to make a project that was "anything but a card." Ummmmm... That's what I do, I make cards..... Shoot! What else can I do.... Oh wait!!!! I can bake!!!! 
Oh yeah! It's on now! 
Today I made cookies! Yum! These cookies are special though, they are adorned with adorable Kraftin Kimmie stamps! 

How did I do such a thing? Well, I rolled out fondant and cut it into circles. Then I took black food coloring paste and spread it very thin on a plate. I took my sweet KK stamps and dipped them into the "ink" and onto the fondant very carefully. Next up, "paint!" Well paste food color and a paint brush with a little cup of water. I painted up these little kids and then placed them on the cookies! 
There you have it; my "not a card" project! I hope you like it! 
Happy Stampin'! 

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  1. These are absolutely fabulous, Jammie!! You are so talented and creative!!


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