A hidden gift!

So, I loath sending cash in the mail, mainly because I'm not TOTALLY trusting our postal system these days! I know, I know, billions of things get to places properly every day! But, case in point, I received mail yesterday (including Christmas cards) for a family who lives about 6 doors down! He'd we not been people of integrity, we could have opened up those cards to see what was inside. ....Now you know why I don't like sending cash!!!!! 
   Lena (my Pal) challenged me to make a card that had a gift card or money holder in it. I didn't want that to be obvious... So here's what I came up with!
Simply put cash inside (behind this adorable Greeting Fatm image) and press down so it seals, and no one is the wiser! Boom! 
   I k ow that the card can still get lost.... I get it. But hey, I feel a little better about it. Ok, I'm off to stamp some more! 
   Happy Stampin'!

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