New baby for TGF

I was surfing challenge blogs this morning over coffee so that my Pal, Lena, and I could have a stamping date tonight.... I happened across the Greeting Farm's "Farm Fresh Challenge Blog" (one of my very first stops!!!) and saw that I only had 2 hours to enter a card.... so here's my quick one hour card.... so that I had time to write this post and link to their site....
Also,  I spilled OMS all over my already injured hand..... so I had to run it under cool water for a while so that I didn't get a chemical burn.... then what did I do?  Yup, you guessed it!!!! i did it AGAIN!!!! Grrrrr!!!!!  So, back to the sink for me for another round of rinsing and soap and a good hand washing.... it still tingles a bit, but I had to get my card linked, so I think I'm off to rinse yet again, just to make sure. 

I hope you all like my card... I don't know anyone who is having a baby right now..... but hey, I'll be ready IF someone does!!! ha ha ha

Happy crafting!


  1. love the bright colors and the coloring pal! Supposedly baby oil GEL works just like oms. I think imma try it. Maybe you should too so you dont burn yourself. Love ya!

  2. Great card! So bight & colorful!
    What did you do to your hand?


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