Ok, so last night my dear Pal and I sat down to finish up on our CPS sketches.  They are having a contest for their 15th anniversary, with TUNS or prizes!!! So, we are trying to win….SOMETHING, anything! ha ha ha

Starting with day #9, sketch #5

CPSSketch5And here’s my card:IMG_1604

The little metal tags say “h b 2 u”  I’m sure you can infer what that all stands for.  I figured that the paper itself was so busy I didn’t want to add a ribbon to it to make it even more crazy.  So, I used a length of Bakers twine! I love that stuff!!! ha ha ha Next….

Day #10, sketch #26

CPSSketch26And one of my beloved little Greeting Farm Kiddos:


Next is day #13, sketch #121:



Ok, Day #14, sketch #45:


I have to admit, I sort of LOVE this card!!!!IMG_1585Here’s a close-up of the coloring, it’s simple, but I LOVE how it came out!!!


Moving on….

Day #15, Sketch #231:



I did a couple of sketches twice in my madness, this is day #3, sketch number 54:

IMG_1582And this is Day #2, Sketch #166:


But since I was hanging out with my Pal, I did them with her…. so Now I only have I think 3 or 4 left to do.  I’m going to make sure I’m linked to each one, and then I’m good to go.


Sorry for the long post, but hey, it was fun, right? ha ha ha  Now it’s off to clean the house, then off to work… ugh… going to be a loooonnnnggggg day!  See ya all tomorrow with the rest of my cards for the CPS anniversary!


  1. Wow, you made all kinds of progress! These are great! I love the little metal hb2u embellishments you used for my sketch! Such a cute card! Thanks for playing!

  2. I love them all. I especially love that we can card together ( even if it is through our phones) . Im so greatful for the time I get to spend with you pal!

  3. Great jobs!!! Thanks for joining us at CPS :)

  4. Awesome cards - all of em! you have been busy!!! Oh such cute cards! I love the colors! Thanks for playing along at CPS this week!


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