CPS day 6

Ok, so whoever chose this sketch: I LOVE YOU!!! 37 is my lucky number, I use it on EVERYTHING and always have!!! HS sports, Lottery, and everything between.... 37 is totally my number! So when you chose to do CPS sketch #37 I was all over it!
I decided to take my lucky number sketch and go one further.... I decided to make a card that was for me!  We card-ers make cards for happy occasions, sad occasions, and every holiday known to man (even some that aren't! {National sandwich day anyone?!?!/}) but we never make cards that are 100% for ourselves.  I decided that this card was going to use my favorite things; something Egyptian (yeah, I'm obsessed), something polka dotted (WAYYYY passed obsession) and some bakers twine (obsession doesn't even begin to describe it)! Here's what I came up with:
If you know me at all, even a little, you know that this card is totally me! I love my little spiral clippies and I love the bright colors, and Lime is totally "in" right now!
(yeah, there's 37 of 'em.)

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