A Bella for a challenge

So, I'm a few days behind on the CPS challenges, but I'm making an effort here! ha ha ha Here's my card for day 4:
I really don't know how the travel theme got stuck in my head, but for some reason it did, so there ya go!  I had a long day at work today so I think I'm going to grab my pint of Coconut milk Mint Ice cream and sit in front of the TV and watch Biggest Loser.  Hey, I know, I should not be eating while watching that show, but seriously, I'm two weeks behind and I think that after all that I walked today (and the meals I skipped) I deserve to have a treat! ha ha ha

I'll see ya all tomorrow (I hope, after work again) for another card.  (If I get really feisty I may make another tonight, but I doubt it, I'm pretty beat.)  They have lots of prizes for the CPS anniversary, so I want to enter as many times as I can! Wish me luck! 


  1. Why not indulge in your treat. you sound a busy person. great card today
    x catherine

  2. She's sassy! Thanks for playing along with the CPS Anniversary!


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