CPS 5th Anniversary Celebration

CPS announced today that they are doing a 5th anniversary challenge, 15 sketches in 15 days.  So naturally, my Pal, Lena, and I are in! Here is the sketch:
And here's my take:
I hope that I can stick with this for 15 days because they have some fab prizes that I'd love to win.  Best laid plans..... ha ha ha
It's off to bed now, I've been sick with this stupid sinus thing for like 2 weeks now, and after a day filled with screaming toddlers (I swear someone let a peacock loose in the room), I'm ready for Calgone to take me away! ha ha ha So Hopefully my kiddo slips into dream land and mommy can grab a good book and draw a hot bath and brainstorm about tomorrow's card! ha ha ha (Right, It'll NEVER happen, but I can dream right?)
Good night all, I'll see ya tomorrow.
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  1. Thanks for joining us! Fun card! Hope you feel better soon, ;)


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