TGF time!!!

My fave time of the week is TGF time, You all know how munch I adore their images.... I'm sure of it. hahaha and I love to do their challenges.  i NEVER win, mind you, but I hope someday I'll get lucky!  I have gotten to be a guest designer for them, so that is good enought for me... I'll just keep playing along and someday I'll win the TGF lottery! ha ha ha  today the challenge was to use a Doily or Lace on your card.... well....... since I have not a single scrap of lace in this entire house (seriously, I need to put some on my shopping list huh?) I decided to go with a doily.... and I decided to use it as my backdrop.  This project is less of a card and more of a "hanging."  I used a piece of tape and stuck it to the mirror on my husbands side of the vanity... hahahah
Here's a close up of the sentiment. 
Thanks for checking in, I'll see you all again real soon!

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