A little TGF prior to Caffine...

So, it’s been a while since I have made a card… I’ve been so darn busy with baking for the Seasons Boutique (happening right now!!!) that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to sit at my stamp desk and create something that is not made from sugar! ha ha ha photo-768928
Ok, so, my subject matter didn’t stray too far from the kitchen…. but I have to ease back into these things!! Geeze people! ha ha ha  I was surfing online this morning and one of my fave spots to go is www.thegreetingfarm.com.  I noticed their challenge for today, tossed my laptop aside, and went in to stamp at oh dark thirty, even BEFORE my morning coffee… go figure! I’m fairly certain that every scrap of paper I used today was provided to me by my bestest Pal, Lena, so shout out to her and a big thanks for all the wonderful scraps you always send my way!  Also, LENA… are you so proud of me??? Look at this card and notice what I left off… just for you…. yup… finally I made a card with NO RIBBON!!!! You must be SHOCKED! hahahha

Ok, well I have to get moving, I must go work at the Boutique today for a bit, and I still have a sick 5 year old and a sick hubby… ugh! Maybe one day soon I’ll actually get some sleep.. until then, thank God whoever invented the Keurig Coffee Machine, I’ll forever be in awe of your outstanding contraption! Muah!


  1. Hi Jammie, I am so glad that you decided to wait for your coffee and color this Cheeky little sweatheart up. Your card is beautiful. I love all the colors that you have put into this card. It really makes me smile. Thanks for playing along with us this week. Hugs, Lisa G

  2. I love this ! The colors are awesome and so fun ( just like you). Sorry it took me so long to comment but for some reason the blackberry hates your blog ( it lets me comment on others blogs) . Love you !


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