Happy Holidays to you all!

Gosh, it seems WAY to early to start saying that, but alas, here I am announcing it to anyone who casts a glance in my direction. To say I love this time of year, is a gross understatement.  Which brings me to telling you a little bit about myself;

I moved to Idaho five years ago after a career as a 911 dispatcher and perpetual Administration of Justice student in northern California.  My husband, who is also in law enforcement, and I were expecting, and decided that two parents working shift work was not the way to raise a child.  So we re-located (along with some other family members as well, because who wants to raise a baby without grandparents around right?  My parents and my husband’s mom also moved to Idaho around the same time frame). 

After moving to Idaho, I became crafty.  I opened a bakery, and got a few stamp sets from my cousin, Lena, who was selling SU! at the time.  After she got me addicted (yeah, that’s the word) she opened me to a world that I had never imagined possible.  Inks and stamps, markers and pencils, and every type of paper and scrap you could glue to another!  I never looked at any item the same again.  Then one day it happened, we were online together searching for something new, something fun, and I found TGF!  Oh happy day!!!

I enjoy collecting TGF stamps.  To me, they are sort of like adopting children.  They look at me with their big eyes and just beg to be taken home and loved.  So it do! he he he!  I do EVERYTHING with my beloved stamps.  So much so that my mother (yeah my mom!!!) suggested I get Cheekie Rockabilly tattooed on me (that’s just how much I use her!)!!! Perhaps… we’ll see…. maybe…..

It occurred to me that I was limiting myself too much by just using these adorable kids on paper… I mean… there’s got to be more!  And being a baker… my natural instinct was…CAKE!!! After baking 3 different cakes, and frosting them, I would wake up to crumbs on the plate (my husband works graveyards mostly, so I either had a very big mouse, or a man with a very early morning sugar addiction, I’ll let you decide!) So, I needed to be even more creative…. hummm…… CHOCOLATE!!!!!

I present to you…..drum roll please… CHEEKIE CHOCOLATES!


I made a double layered chocolate bark with milk and white chocolates, then I spread a very thin layer of milk chocolate (next time I’ll use Dark so that it shows up a bit better) on parchment paper and “inked” my stamp.  I pressed the image, very carefully, onto the hardened bark (yeah, I broke a few in the process) and broke it into pieces.  The other stamps you see here are a SU! set I purchased from my cousin.  And there you have it, Cheekie chocolates! Hoe fun is that?!?!?!? (Notice my fave girl is front and center, yet again!)

Check back often to see what else I come up with. Who knows…. I may even break down and make a card or two… hahahahha

Happy holidays Farmers and Friends! Enjoy your families and your selves this season!

And a HUGE thanks to Jess and Marie for honoring me with this Guest spot on the Farm, to say I’m Elated could never express how very excited I am to be here! HUGS girls!!!!

(for more sweets or to place an order, visit www.think-cake.com and to see where I buy these awesome stamps, go to www.thegreetingfarm.com)

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  1. WELCOME! We are so excited to have you with us this month at the Farm! Your cheeky chocolates are definitely a hit! Yummy!


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