Blame it on the Al al al al co alcohol!

So, the challenge for the month of June at the Stamping Bella Forum is “Citrus.” When I thought of citrus, I thought os maybe a beverage or two! Ha ha ha Here’s a close-up of my Bella:052

Since I got my new Prismacolor pencils I have been a coloring fool! Ha ha ha, well, I’m trying to learn the proper technique to coloring like all of the wonderfully talented stampers I see out there. I said TRYING! ha ha ha Failing, perhaps, but at least I’m putting myself out there. anyway, it’s hard to color with a bum wrist too, so that’s my current excuse.

051I just located these stickers today, they are Mrs. Grossman stickers that I have had for eons! And for those of you who know me all too well, my signature flower is on my card!!! But wait, gasp! Something’s missing!!!!!!

053I know, I know, I know!!! RIBBON!!! can you believe that I actually made a card without some sort of ribbon on it?!?!?! I know, something MUST be wrong with me!!! Ha ha ha Perhaps it was my run this morning, 3 miles and my brain shuts down and I no longer have the ability to add the perfect ribbon to my card. Perhaps if I do 4 miles I may leave off the flower too… but that’s pushing it!!! I’m thinking I need to get working on the “To Do” list inside this card before I could ever leave off the flowers… but who knows…. ho hum…


Here’s the inside of the card. (obviously) and of course it’s adorned with more beverages and citrus slices. All in all, I’m thinking this is a pretty cute card…. now I just need to figure out a recipient…. oh well, another one for the “maybe I’ll send it to SOMEONE, SOMEDAY…..” box. That particular box is getting pretty full. Ha ha ha!

Well, Bellas, I’ll be seein’ ya ‘round! Enjoy the sunny day and perhaps a nice cold Bella Beverage (or Chick Drink as it were). TTFN


  1. Came here from the SB forum... cute card! Your checklist is hilarious! :P

  2. Cute card! Have come from the SBella forum. Loving the cocktails!! Are you a Glee fan?? Love that song! x

  3. Jammie so glad you were able to participate in the Stamping Bella Forum challenge this month. Your citrus drink has hit the mark. In fact you've made me a little thirsty just looking at it. Cheers and good luck! Cathabella


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