Tgf Monday and friday

Yeah, yeah, yeah... so I decided to do the Monday card and Friday card all at once.... so, I'm a bit all over the map.... that's just part of my charm! ha ha ha

The farm Fresh Friday Challenge was to make a card of your favorite holiday. I really don't have any stamps that I can misconstrue as Christmas-y right now, and I didn't feel like making a Christmas card. So, although Christmas is my favorite holiday, here's a Halloween card instead. I rec'd this Image in the mail from a friend when I was one day complaining that I didn't own any Anya stamps. she has a few, so she stamped me a sample (I think she's like a "dealer" and wanted to get me addicted! ...It worked!) so that I can try cards with a couple of Anyas. OK, OK, OK... I adore her and she's now on my wish list... I'll have to branch out from my beloved Cheekies and my Creepers so get a few Anyas.

Anyways, I wanted to use this image, that's the only reason for the Halloween card. hahaha I saw the little butterfly wings and though, "Hey, Halloween card... I don't feel like Christmas right now where is that Halloween scrapbook paper I bought on clearance....hummm...???" No, Really, that's what i thought!!! hahahaha

Here's my card:

My sweet cousin Lena and I decided that never again are we letting a card leave our possession without doing the "inside" as well. So, from now on, I'm going to make attempts at some sort of matching decor when the card is opened as well. This one got a die cut sign and the rest of the spiderweb. Generally... I like it.

OK, the next challenge was Mystery Case Monday. The super duper cute card that we had to case was this:

OK, seriously? This card is so stinking adorable!!! I don't want to case it, I want to own it! What a work of art some people are able to accomplish in their card making!! The person who made this card is named Gio and you can check out her gallery on The Greeting Farm's web site.


I had to do my super duper bestest job ever on a card if i was going to CASE her cute card.... so I got to thinking..... hummm.... what can I do to make this the cutest thing I've made to date.... usually when I do that sort of thing I end up with a card that is worthy of only one thing..... the trash can! sssssooooo.... I went to the scrap pile and started just choosing random papers and I grabed the new box of flowers I got from my secret sister on SCS and came into the living room to watch TV and see what I could piece together. I found this little sentiment that My cousin Lena had sent me a long time ago that says "Count Blessings, not Calories," and that was my inspiration for the entire card!!! I CASEd the layout from the origional card, as you can tell I'm sure. Lena also sent me that super duper cute cupcake paper in the background. All in all, there are 5 layers of papers and then my image.

I sent Lena this picture and she agrees with me that it is one of my best cards ever. i feel so proud!!! She taught me literally EVERYTHING i know about card making....EVERYTHING!!! So, Thanks Pal for teaching me to make cute cards! Love you man.

OK, the thunder and lightening outside make me not want to be on my wireless Internet and fry my laptop right now, it's already on it's last leg... so I better stop rambling and patting myself on the back and post this.

Until tomorrow; Adieu.

Jammie Clark

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