TGF- Sketch

So, I'm trying to catch up on all my card making, and I'm also starting to amass quite a collection of random cards. hahaha It's ok though, I just have to learn to part with some of them and send them to people! just like when I make a cake, it's super duper hard to cut it up, well... when I make a card, it's sooo hard to write in it and send it away. You never really know if people appreciate your work. hummm....

Well: this is a sketch from TGF that I needed to make a card for.... And here's my take on it:

My picture is sorta crumby. But I wanted some shadows on it so you could see the glittery paper and the textured card stock layer, and my use of 5000 pop dots for creeper Abbey. I also used a glitter pen on her jeans and shoes, but you can't tell that either. I just need a better camera I guess. The sentiment(s) say "Urban Beauty" and that is just what she is! ha ha ha Love, Love, Love my little Abbey stamp, maybe because I won her. ha ha ha

Ok, going to post more!

Jammie Clark

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