Over at it is sparkle creations week! I'm sooo excited. Although I used a bella on this card... I just had to play on their challenge..... the challenge was to use the word "ruffles" for inspiration!!!

Ok, so I'm a smart ass.... I know they meant like ribbons and lace and ruffles... but the first thing I thought of was ....CHIPS!!!!! and what goes better with chips than cocktails?!?!?!? hahaha Maybe I dad too much "special coffee" today....hummm....NNNnnnnaaaaaahhhh!!!

Here's my card:

The sentiment says "All you need in life is a friend who has chips and cocktails... I am that friend!" I could it appropriate. Great, bright and cheery, card to send a friend for a pick me up..... ok... Another card tomorrow... wish me luck!

Jammie Clark


  1. This is great - so creative and it fits the word! It also makes me hungry for a bag of yummy potato chips, lol!!


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