I figured since I wasn't doing a whole lot at the moment I had time to make another card.... so< I hopped on over tot he Mojo Monday blog to check out the sketch for the week. Here's what I saw:

I figured, "what the hey? I may as well!"

So off tot he scrap box I went. I found this HUGE bag of owls that my cousin has punched for me. when I say HUGE I mean that there are no less than a gagillion teeny tiny pieces of owls that I had to dump out all over my craft desk and sort through to find ones that went together. After assembling my little owl here, I went back to the scrap box to see what I could find to make my card out of.

I think that it turned out pretty cute, I'm rather pleased with myself. Pleased as punch you may say! ha ha ha (ok, so maybe I do need more coffee!)

Ta Ta For Now!

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