Cards, cards, cards!

I have been a busy little bee today catching up with the challenges over at 365 cards. this week is all about using words for inspiration... the first word is steam.Nothing better than a nice steamy hot cup of coffee... even if it is "special coffee." this is also my stab at a sympathy card.... it says "Hey! Perk up! ...'cause I said so!" ha ha ha now that's a lot of love!

The next word is "hat."

There are quite a few travel bugs in my family.... this card may find it's way to one of them. I had to run outside to take the pics of it... the sun was shining between rain showers and tons of wind. But I got the shot! Yeay!!

The next word is "cool."

(sorry this pic is sideways, but I can't get my blackberry to turn it around) How about a nice cool cocktail with a friend??? This card comes complete with recipe filled pockets. I got the idea for this from my Pal Lena ( she's so creative! She makes these super cute little cards that she puts tea bags into and gives them as little gifts.... stinking adorable.

Ok, now I have to go catch up on my TGF cards... so stay posted for those!

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  1. OH, I love the card with all the cocktail recipes! Absolutely perfect for summer ;-) Thanks for playing along with 365 Cards.


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