Yeay! It's Friday! I have quite a busy day today too. I have 2 gift basket orders due, and I have a cupcake order, and 2 cakes (I just need to start making the decorations for the cakes)! How exciting. I love it when I have lots of things to do.

I haven't been to the gym lately, so that's a big bummer... so I'm going to try to get in a walk or a jog today at some point. I really need to get back on my cardio regimen. The weather looks pretty nice outside today, so I'm going to try to make it a point to get outside to do my walk/run today, that should make me more motivated. I love being outside to run, then I'm not like a hamster on a wheel, just going around in circles on the track in the gym.

Evan passed his swim class last night! Yeay for him. Although you are supposed to be 6 to move on to the level one class (from the preschool class), his instructor said that he has the skills to move up a level! I'm so proud of him. I am going to take him to the pool for a fun day today or tomorrow. Just let him play in the water and have fun... it's a good way for me to sneak in a little exercise too.

I guess there's not too much else to report here. My diet has totally taken a nose dive, so I need to make sure I get that in check today. I started the day off with a banana and a dark chocolate chip cookie, with a cup of coffee. I was thinking that the banana and the cookie cancel each other out.... right? Ha ha ha So I'm going to try to make sure and have a healthy lunch, and snack and then salad or something lighter for dinner. I hope my good intentions work out for me.

I think my problem is that I love food so much. I love cooking, and tasting, and trying new recipes. I love food!!! Ha ha ha I just need to continue to try and find more healthy things to cook.

Ok enough for today. See you all soon.

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