I need a good app

So, my quest has been to find a good app to put on my BB Torch so that I can track how far I've been jogging. I've tried a few (thanks Pal) but none seem to be working well, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!

That being said.... I went to the gym twice yesterday! Yeah, two times!!! I know, I'm nuts, but before you go passing judgements, I have a great excuse. Evan has Gymnastics classes in the morning and then swim lessons in the evening. So instead of sitting on my duff, I decided to do some walking/jogging. Now his classes are only a half an hour, so I didn't really get a lot done, but I did manage a total of 3 miles yesterday, so that's not too bad.

I didn't do the greatest job of eating well yesterday. But any day with no fast food is an accomplishment around here. So I had cereal for breakfast, red beans and rice filled tacos for lunch, and salad with Italian pinwheels for dinner. I do need to remember to drink more water, a lot more water, because I kept getting cramps in my rib cage while I was running.

Today is going to be busy, but I'm going to try and sneak in an outside run to see if the Edomoundo app that Lena sent me will work better outside. I'm sure it will... I think I was just confusing it in the gym; the app was thinking "What the heck is wrong with this person, they are running around in circles and I'm all friggen confused!!!" I'm sure that's what it was saying. Plus, today looks to be sunny. Cold, but sunny.... so I can freeze to death while I run, all in the name of health!

Tomorrow I have a huge wedding cake to make, so check back to see pictures of the the cake and how it's coming along.... see ya all then...

Tip of the day: DON'T FORGET TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!!!!!

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  1. I walked to bank yesterday and used the app. This morning I used truck to track same route and it told me the same distance. So i think it must have been the circles in the gym. I just filled up my water bottle!!


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