Gasp! No pink? Aaaahhhh....

A non pinkie Cheekie??? These people are pushing the limits!!! The challenge at The Greeting Farm was to make a card that did not use the color pink, at all!!! GASP!!!!! So, here's what I did: Blue! Ha ha ha! So you will be proud to know that her skin didn't even use peach (which has pink in it), I used orange and blended it with my watercolor brush, very well, to fade it out enough to make her flesh tone. I figured, next to the blue, it would come across as such, and I think it did!

I got this really neat gel pen that is bright blue and has glitter in it, pretty shimmery glitter. So I used that to make her shoes and eyes sparkle, and I embellished the heart on her mirror with it. I also used a sentiment sticker that was sparkly to add to the shimmer of the whole card. I have had this sentiment sticker for a few years now, and I have been waiting for the perfect card to put it on, and I think I finally found it! ha ha ha OK, have a great Easter Sunday everyone, I'm off to watch the Giants beat Atlanta!

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