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So, I took the "All things new" challenge from TGF a little too seriously I think..... I went to IKEA this week and got new shelves for my craft room. (Well, it was just an office, but I'm taking it over and making it into a craft room!) Anyways.... I'm not sure that they meant it on this scale.... BUT it was a great excuse for my husband, "But Honey, TGF said I needed to do All things New, so I HAVE to get new shelves for the office, I just HAVE to!" It worked... here's a pic of the old.... and the new!

Mind you... it's a work in progress... I am getting red bins to put in the shelves to house all of the scraps and things... but it's a start!I wasn't aware of how many stampin' up sets I really had. And there's a special home for all of my cheekies... RIGHT ON MY STAMPING DESK!!!!

Ok, on with the card challenge.... Everything new.... well... when I got home from IKEA, the stamps that I ordered on the Farmer's Market.... they were here!!!!!!!! So I cut, and inked, and here's my everything new card!

I LOVE HIM! You can't really see in the pic here... but his wings and the cross o his tie are embossed with silver (since the sentiment is "You are my silver lining," and inside the wings is embossed with totally teal sparkly embossing powder)the shimmery silver ribbon is something I found in the back of my closet when I was putting things on my new shelves, and it was un-opened, so that's new. Also I used a new pack of tissue paper in the background there, and I picked up that patterned paper that he is on on my trip as well.

As you can see... I set up a little photo corner in my new and improved craft room too... I think I need to move it though, the lighting isn't the best over there....

Ok, there's my entry, wish me luck! I really, really, really want to win their new set with this card!

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