Back to the grind

OK, so I admit that I haven't been keeping up on my weight loss posting. So, in an effort to re-visit why I actually created this blog, I'm going to get back to the grind.

Today I went to the gym after a bowl of shredded wheat (not the best breakfast, but not too shabby either). I dropped Evan off and headed to the weight room. I worked upper body (arms, back, chest, and shoulders) and then I did some abs. Ugh, I hate doing abs.... but it is a necessary evil. After doing that I headed to the cardio room.

I chose an eliptical as my machine of choice today. The one that I jumped on was one of the ones that simulates running, so not a true eliptical, but you know what I mean. I was on there for 20 minutes and decided that this running in one place just wasn't doing it for me. Plus, this lady came and got on the one next to me, she is getting ready for a body building show I think. I swear to you, she's Miss Olimpia!!! So my self esteem sorta fell through the floor. I decided to get out of there before I threw a towel or something at her.

Next, I went to the indoor track. i figured I could feel better about myself if I was running circles around all of the geriatrics that walk the track all the time. So off I went. I decided on jogging a lap, then walking a lap. I did just that for 2 miles!!! Yeay!!!

After all of that exertion, I needed to lay down, so I made it look like I was stretching! hahahaha OK, OK, OK I was stretching. But you know what I mean...don't you? Now my 2 hours was up and it was time to go pick up Evan.

On our way home Evan decided that he needed McDonald's for lunch. Now, if you know me at all, you know that McD's is my weakness. I could eat my body weight in McD's food! Or die trying! Unfortunately the second option there is the most likely outcome. So I resisted. Although Evan got a meal, and my hubby got a meal, I stood strong and got nothing.
As we drove home I figured that I would have a salad or something once I got home..... I did, however, steal a couple bag fries. We got home, I made a sandwich, and ate it. Yeay me. I finished it off with a few more fries. So about a dozen in all.... not too shabby. A big 'ol salad for dinner and it should be a good day! I'll let you know tomorrow.

Tip of the day: Don't get on a cardio machine next to a skeleton, they will make you feel bad about your lever of fitness.

Happy cardio to you all!!!

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