Cute Cookies!!

So, today, as I was searching for stuff to put on my wish list, I found this site for stamps called There She Goes. On that site they had a challenge, to stamp on something OTHER THAN CARDSTOCK!!! So, Here's my stamping...

Yup, those are cookies!!! I used Wilton food colors to paint them! I think they turned out adorable!!! The images are from The Greeting Farm ( Check them out if you love these cute little girls, they are from the Cheeky Cheery line.

Here's the link to the There She Goes challenge site:

Happy (and tasty) stamping y'all!

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  1. Dude pal you forgot the part about " and if you would like to order a dozen of them Im the owner of Think Cake. go here __________ to order!"

  2. I hadn't checked the blog for a have been busy! Thanks for the delicious cookie! I loved it, and didn't want to share with Katie...but I did, or else she would have thrown a huge fit! Thanks again for thinking of me... my day got better, probably because of you, and your listening to your intuition.


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