Thinspiration Thursday

Well, I did weigh on Fat Tuesday<>>> I weighed this morning and I'm back to 142. It's amazing what a 4 mile walk and 10 minutes on a rowing machine can do for you.... ummm...about 2 lbs! hahahaha I feel a little better. but my BMI still reads that I'm 25.27...meaning I'm just on that cusp of being "normal" and "overweight" according to my wii. So... until I can get to "normal" I'm totally unhappy. No only did the little dude grunt at me today he says "thanks overweight" when the scale registers my weight.... JERK! If that TV wasn't so damned expensive I'd put my fist through it to ring your little neck!!!!! I wonder if I can ever make that little elf happy???? Guess all I can do is keep trying. I got invited to play volleyball at the rec center on Saturday, Maybe I'll partake....hummm.......

Good luck with your Thursday weigh ins girls!!!!

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