...and the Who's will all cry "boo whoooo!"

I swear the Grinch has been sabotaging my wii!!! So the batteries got low and I had to put new ones in, then I had to re-sync it to the console...then when I stepped on the stupid thing it said that I have gained weight!!!! You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch, you're a nasty wasty skunk!

So I am posting on Wednesday instead of Tuesday because I thought maybe if I weighed today I could not have to believe in what the scale said yesterday....eeerrrttt!!!! WRONG!!! It's worse today! Long story short, I've gained 3 lbs!!! 3!!!!! Yeah, that sucks!!! So I'm back to 143.... and I'm angry! On Monday I walked 3 miles and ran 1 and rode the bike for 30 minutes... yesterday i walked a mile and a half! today is another 2 hour day at the gym and I'm so discouraged that I wanna just sit at the vending machines and snack for 2 hours! Why not right?

Santy Claus why? Why are you stealing my weight loss thunder? Why?

My husband claims I could be retaining water for some reason... Lacey says I'm just gaining muscle! Sorry guys, but ppppuuuttttttttthhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I wanna LOSE some lbs not make excuses.... maybe I need to re-examine my diet again... I made a vegetarian chili and that is what I've been eating for the past few days.... I thought just beans and veggies with some chili powder and garlic would be good for a person, maybe I was wrong! hahahah I don't know... I'm just discouraged... I'm going to drink my coffee, eat a granola bar and ponder what I'm going to try and accomplish at the gym today. Ho-hum......


  1. Keep on truckin pal! It will happen and I too think maybe you are putting on muscle. Maybe you should take measurments instead of weight! Im dreading my weigh in too. I had pizza and beer last night!

  2. i totally agree with Lena. Take your BMI and do the body fat indicator thing... I think they offer those instruments at the REC. Also, measure your key places...belly, hips, thighs, and upper arm. You are most defenitly gaining muscle!!! You are working out like a mad woman...muscle comes from that!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys!


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