Oh Man.....

Ok, so this week has been quite a doozie... here's the 411. I tried cutting and coloring my hair (by a professional of course) sot hat I could look cute and trendy and perhaps further motivate myself to lose more weight.... the cut is amazing... I totally love it!!! and it's way versatile... so that is a major plus! Also, it is something that I can style myself... so that is good too! hahahaha The color... I LOVED for about 2 days... then it happened!!!!!! OMG!!! I had an awful allergic reaction and have been on medication to try and get rid of the horrible things that the hair dye did to my skin! hahahah ok, so there's pluses and minuses to this situation.... I have a rash all around my hair line, on my forehead, and down the back of my neck... it itches like HELL... and that is the minus.... the plus side... my Dr. prescribed me this medication that totally wires me... so my house is spotless, my laundry is done, and my kitchen is Filled with confections! hahahah Down side... the medication has a weight gain side effect... probably because you have to take it 5 times a day and with food each time... hahaha the plus side..... I figured out the scale on my wii and the Dr.'s scare are pretty much right on.... all that being said... I have not made it to the gym because I look horrible (my hubbs says it's not that bad... and the you can hardly tell< id="SPELLING_ERROR_15" class="blsp-spelling-error">I have not wanted to go out in public at all... and thus... I have gained 2 lbs. this week... so I'm back to 142, well just under 142.... so yeah, I'm going with 2 lbs! hahahah oh well.. everyone has set backs... I have to keep pushing through... it's off to the gym now to walk the track and try not to itch my head off... wish me luck!


  1. you need a picture of the new doo! Hope your itchys go away pal and youll have a better week next week !

  2. I could hardly tell you had a rash! You are awfully hard on yourself...if you wanna see a rash go to my personal blog...www.laceyshares.blogspot.com 2nd post down, entitled, "Hives, Hives...Everywhere" you won't be so worried about your little rash anymore! Great job at the gym! 2 miles!!! Whoot whoot! And BTW... your hair look really cute!

  3. oops...my blog is laceyshare.....NOT laceyshares! I'm a dork!


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