It's Tuesday Again...

So I was feeling bad about myself this morning, I know that I had a bad week. My diet slipped back into what I used to eat, my weight I know has increased by at least 5 lbs. and I just didn't even want to weigh. I did though... even before I got coffee... and it wasn't all that bad. So I only gained a pound back... that's not so bad.... I can go to the gym today and work that off, I hope! hahahah I didn't even set foot in the gym last week, so I went yesterday and then I'm going to be there today, and I pretty much have to go tomorrow... so back to my 2 hour cardio sessions and then I can finish working off some of this weight. I just read Lena's blog ( for inspiration.... she is doing well and I'm proud of her... so I need to keep up!

For breakfast today I didn't make a great choice though.... I wonder if the fact that I ate a banana canceled out the fact that I ate a brownie????? NO??? Well crap. Oh well, I have more work to do, and I've stayed out of the Halloween candy for the most part, so I'm ok with that. I'll have to eat well for the rest of the day, but that's ok... I'm getting back on that proverbial bicycle that I just fell off. I may have skinned my knee, but I'm not going to let it get the best of me. By Christmas I wanna be at least 5 pounds lighter!!!! Let's see if I can get there...


  1. You looked great matter what you say about not losing any've been working out for a few months... and I can tell you are definitely losing. You are an inspiration to the rest of us ladies fighting the weight loss battle.Thanks for being so open and sharing with me as the kiddos do gymnastics.

  2. Awsome pal, so you gained a pound at least your aware what your doing wrong and work to fix it. I ate a bannana too...Im hopeing it cancels the tomale I ate...opps


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