a day late but a pound lighter!

Ok, so I'm a day late posting here....but I did weigh on time and I am a pound lighter...again! Ha ha ha so back to 140. Someday I'll make my goal, I'm thinking this is probably not the week. Although I don't plan on overindulging tomorrow, I do have a few weaknesses that will be given into I'm sure.

This week at the gym was...well...lackluster...I spent an hour of my 2 hour cardio session chatting with Lacey (wow we. Are a lot alike! Hahah thanks for becoming a friend!!) Instead of burning calories...I did give her some eliptical pointers though...hey Lacey, I forgot one!!! Put the level on like 15, the steeper the incline the easyer it is to go backwards without feeling like ur gunna fly off the back! Hahaha And I didn't even go to the gym yesterday and I most likely won't be there today. Soooo, all these excuses...I guess I need to pull out the wii fit and get my butt in gear we'll see how that goes.

Happy turkey day to you all and may you burn more calories than you consume shopping those crazy insane black friday deals! I'll be at home by the fire thinking of how totally MAD all of that is! Hahahah enjoy!

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  1. we did alot of our black friday shopping online! Thursday had a lot of great deals, and we didn't have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn! YEAH!!!!
    Thanks for the elliptical tips! It rocked my body yesterday!


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