Tuesday already?

Well, I woke up, came downstairs, had a cup of coffee, and then it hit me..... gosh, it's Tuesday! I immediately stopped drinking my coffee and got out the scale... after all, I can't have all of that heavy liquid in my belly then it's time to weigh. So i turned on the stupid thing cursing myself for not doing more this week. It's been a rough week, but that's always an excuse. Evan has been sick all week, I had company over, and well, I've been feeling crummy. All of those adding up in my brain, I'm sure I haven't done so hot this week. Oh well, here's the moment of truth.... YEAY!!!!! i finally passed that 10 lb mark!!!! I'm 139! woot woot!!!! I'm happy, not happy enough to pull up my socks and go to the gym, but happy! hahahaha So I hop on over to Lena's blog: http://www.scrapbutterfly.com/ and got a little progress tracker for my sidebar. She is the most resourceful Internet person ever! Lena can find ANYTHING on the Internet! She's amazing! Anyways, she found a site where you can get these cute little progress trackers for your blog, so I selected one that I thought looked like me (wink wink) and got the html code, and there it is! Yeay! Thanks Pal! OK, well we have to go to Costco for groceries and then I think it's home again after that. I have a tun of work to do with cakes this week and then a craft bazaar on Saturday. See ya all soon! Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Who hoo pal ( damn blog better not eat my comment) good job on the 10 pounds and I love the snowman!


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