Seriously Fat Tuesday....

So, I get up to weigh this morning, thinking I'm good, I've got this... I get on the wii scale, and that little ass groans. This is not going to be a good morning... the wii measures my balance and I'm all good there, then it tells me my weight.... I wanted to cry.... 143.... so I gained... I thought that can't be rite... so i went in and used the restroom, and came back.... thought light and airy thoughts, and it said i weighed 142.5, so I'm goin' with that. I gained a pound an a half. I'm sad, I'm frustrated, and I want to go eat something horrible for me..... well actually I don't. My mom made these cinnamon coffee cake muffins and sent some home with me, I ate a half of one and though, what the heck am I doing???? I want to create a calorie deficit, not eat worse stuff... so half way through this decedent yummy concoction, i put it down, I'm going to go have toast and fruit. That will serve me better. I need to work hard this week to get rid of this 2.5 lbs... everyone always has some hump that they just can't get over....mine is 140 I guess.

Gosh, what an awful way to start my day, I'm depressed... find me an elliptical girls and put on lady gaga or something, I'm going to burn some major calories today!!!!

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  1. you blog is a pig ! It ate my comment! Dont worry about the weight gain pal everyone has bad weeks and you could be gaining muscle!! Ill probably do bad this week too since someone...wont mention names...YOU ...sent me those deliscious lil sixlets. Damn those things for jumping into my mouth!! Keep up the good work . We will be HOT in our thirties and just say our twenties were for enjoying the good food!


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