I've got a golden ticket...

Come on, sing it with me... ohhh I've got a golden tickeeeettttt..... hahah ok, so I was never a member of Glee club (although a HUGE fan of the show). But, here is one of the 30 birthday invitations that I made this weekend:

The candy bars are huge and wrapped in a custom printed paper wrapper. The golden tickets are worded just like the ones from the movie (Gene Wilder version of course) and printed on metallic gold cardstock that I found at Michael's. I totally LOVE the outcome of these... as a kid, I would have totally hugged the person who invited me to their party by way of candy bar! ha ha ha

Ok, I'm still not feeling well, totally didn't go to the gym today, and I'm being a luff sitting on my couch watching HLN... Will I ever be well??? I'm going to make some hot tea and hope that helps my throat feel any better, wish me luck!

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