It's not Tuesday anymore......

I know, I know, I know, It's not Tuesday anymore.... but I did weigh, and I was so depressed that I never made it a priority to post. So, here's my results... I gained weight... yeah... so I'm back to 143... not what I wanted to do... but I didn't work out a whole bunch either. I know that I need to create a calorie deficit to lose weight, but I just haven't gotten there yet.

I spoke with my friend Christina, who is a raw foods chef... no really... raw foods chef./... and she's amazing!!!

She gave me some great pointers to get some fat out of my diet and not feel like I'm depriving myself. She told me of the evils of meat and dairy, although I don't think I could every fully give up either, but I will be cutting WAY back!!! I already have... I've cut a lot of dairy out, and I only have meat once or twice a week, and it's way less of a portion than I used to have, and you know what.... I FEEL BETTER. She also convinced my to buy almond milk...seriously, I was like rolling my eyes, to put in my coffee instead of that creamer that is full of chemicals and sugar and palm oil. Can I tell you how awesome the dark chocolate almond milk crap is???? I put it in my cup of morning coffee and it tastes like I'm having a mocha! I can't wait to try it in some other things.... amazing. Anyways, she taught me how to make raw brownies (I swear, you'll NEVER know the difference, swear) and eat massive amounts of guacamole, made fresh, no powdered mixes here, and i"m loving life... I feel sooo much better, I can work out stronger, and I can breathe easier.... she's my new hero! Thanks a bunch Christina. You can visit her blog here. Raw Chef Christina.

Can you believe that this pecan pie is raw!?!?!?! Seriously, Christina made one for me (and my mom) for Thanksgiving last year and it was stinking great! A raw pie, really, it's AMAZING!!!

Then, I was at the gym yesterday and spoke to a girl who's daughter is in my son's gymnastics class, she said she works at a weight loss clinic and is around this stuff all day. I told her about my plight and she was astounded that I weigh 143..."My guess would be 130, 132, no more than that." I nearly hugged the girl right then and there!!! She said don't worry about the numbers, like I haven't hared that before, but worry about doing SOMETHING active for 30 minutes twice a day.... that got my wheels a turning.... I'm loving this fall weather... so I think that no matter what... I'm going to make time to take a walk... nothing forever long, but for at least 30 minutes... then maybe I can make sure Evan goes outside and he can ride his bike or we can play soccer or something else for another 30 minutes at some point.... I wonder if shopping counts as being active.... hummm??? ha ha ha

OK, so that's where i"m at this week... learned some stuff, met some new people, gained 2 lbs, but I think I'm going to be OK. Stay tuned for next week when I report back on my new diet and way of life. Ta ta for now!

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  1. Jammie, I am so impressed that you are willing to try new things and make changes. I see my clients not only feel better, but eat more and lose weight by adopting new eating habits with whole fresh foods. Just wait until I come and visit, I am bringing my Raw German Chocolate Cake for you!!


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