Fat Tuesday, yeay!

Ok, so here's the deal... I was dreading weighing this morning; I've been sick all week. eating like crap and sitting on the couch doing a whole lotta nada. So, I sloughed downstairs, poured myself a cup of coffee, and had a Mexican stare down with my wii... I never knew that inanimate objects were so good at staring contests, but it did win despite my valiant efforts, and i turned it on, no going back now... I stepped on the scale and the little man inside the wii said "oh." That little jerk almost got hot coffee in the face... if I could have found him.... ha ha ha

So after all of that you can guess my astonishment when the little progress line stopped moving UNDER my old one... yeah, that little progress tracker stopped, my heart lept and i actually smiled.... "no way," I actually said out loud, "please, just let it be at least a pound, I'd be stoked with losing a pound this week, I don't deserve it, but I'll take it!" I clicked the little button that says weight and......

- 2.2 lbs!!!

Hummm baby..... I'm down 9 pounds from when I started! 9! I'm so excited... I think I actually feel better... I think I actually may go to the gym today.... then I'm going to costco! I need food! hahahah ok so I plan on a cart full of veggies and fruit, but wooohooo!!! I'm doing cartwheels on the inside. And as for that little grunting man in my wii.... pppphhhhtttttt..... that's my tongue, spraying spit all over you. Stop grunting when I get on the scale, or i'll be forced to beat you!

Happy ending (or beginning, I haven't decided yet) to my week. I'll see ya'll again soon!

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