Cake, cake and more cake!

OK, so I have quite a few cakes commin' up... here's the first. This Toy Story cake was made for a little boy who was turning 6 today. Obviously, he loves Toy Story 3, so that's where I went with this cake. Here's all the pics:

The entire box is made from cake and then covered in fondant. The packing material is air popped popcorn! ha ha I used an airbrush to distress the box so that it looked beaten up and old, I hope that translates in the pictures.

OK, well it's off to watch the SF Giants win, I'll be back for Fat Tuesday and keep checking back for more cakes soon!

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  1. WOWZA! You are quite the creative genius! I can't wait to see more cakes and follow up on your diet and exercise! You are very inspirational...just wish my toes weren't hurting to much so I can run again!


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