Wednesday? Really?

Ok, so Fat Tuesday has come and gone, and I totally didn't even realize it! ha ha ha Go figure. So my post is a day late, oh well, so's life. Yesterday I came down with a head cold that made me feel like I got hit in the head with a freight train!!! I'm currently laying in bed with one econo sized box of tissue nearly empty and a red nose that would make Rudolph jealous. Being sick sucks... well, it's nose...through a costco sized case of tissue, only to realize it needs more...

So I ended up weighing this morning. It paid off though.... I weigh 143.5!!!! Yup, that's a total of 6.5 lbs that I have lost so far. Now, mind you, I'm sure 3.5 lbs of that was probably snot over the past few days, but oh well, I'll take it.... Weight loss, is weight loss. Let's re-cap how I got there... shall we?

Last weekend I was doing wedding coordinating... so Friday was rehearsal, not to mention I had to make 2 wedding cakes (well one was a cupcake tower) and help decorate the church, as well as help the pastor run through the ceremony a few times. Then Saturday was the big day.... I walked over 11 miles that day.... seriously... between setting up cakes, taking the wedding dress to the bride at 8 am, photography sessions, decorating the hotel ballroom for the reception, and making sure everything went off without a hitch... I booked a tun of walking that day, with no time to eat... I had 3 small... let me tell you SMALL, meals that day and drank only water. So I think I burned way more than I consumed for once in my life.

Sunday I was soooo stinking sore that I could not even move, so we won't even go there.... and I sooo cheated and had a mini drumstick ice cream for dessert, but after all the work I did, I swear I deserved it! Promise. ha ha ha

Monday I took my son to pre-school, which is conveniently located at the gym.... hummm..... aw walked 3 miles, then logged 30 minutes on the seated bicycle.... now... I wasn't pushing it, I was still so sore from Saturday, that I decided that was enough, so I waited at the gym for 40 minutes for his class to get out. A waste of time? maybe, but perhaps just BEING at the gym burns calories? Maybe? Please? awwww damn..... I guess not... hahahah Hey, a girl can dream right????

So all day yesterday I was sick as a dog, and my sweet hubby took our son on his field trip for school today. They went to the fire station, which should have been fun because my 4 year old happens to call all fire fighters "hose draggers." Hummm... wonder where he picked that up at? hahahah I really hate being sick, that would have been funny to see.... "Class, everyone say hi to the firefighters." "Hi hose draggers!!" "Oh, kids say the darnedest things! ha ha ha"

Now, I'm going to bed (well I'm already in bed, but maybe a nap would be good).... Maybe I can get back to it tomorrow... If I feel better, if not.... I'll see you all again on Tuesday... seriously... Tuesday! hahahaha

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  1. hahah I had a mini drumstick last night at mas house. I think it burned more calories getting all the wrapper off it then it did to eat it...yeah thats my story...


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