The sweet smell of the ballpark!

I am posting this card for 365 challenge, it has been a long while since I have posted for them, but when I checked in this morning... they had a challenge I just couldn't resist. It is to use a sweet smell to inspire your card. well to me... the sweet smell of the ballpark is always alluring. So here it is... take me out to the ball game, postseason starts October 6Th and I'm sooo excited!!! Go Giants!!!

P.S. I need to thank Emily for the awesome idea for this card! Thanks so much Em for your creativeness! She made the original card that I CASED for the idea... you can check it at her blog, by clicking here. Sorry I didn't post this part earlier. I'm an awful person today. It'll never happen again Emily, I humbly appologize.

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  1. cute card! I try to CASE Emilys cards but im not just as creative as her.

  2. Jammie, It would be nice if you gave me CREDIT for giving you that Giants idea!!! Remember that I MADE MY BOMBSHELL ONE FIRST!

  3. Sorry Em that I didn't give you credit earlier, I was totally in a hurry when I posted this, and the painkiller that I'm on sorta messes with my brain, neither of which are good excuses..... I'm so sorry.... will you ever forgive me???

  4. super FUN!!! good to see you play along girl :)
    hope your feeling better and taking all your meds that i read about in your last post.

  5. Too true - I could go for a good ballpark hotdog right now! Fab card!!


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