Fat Tuesdays!

But it's not Tuesday........!!!!!!!!!

OK, so my bestest Pal in the whole entire world is posting a THINspiration Thursday blog each week to help her get healthy and lose some lbs.! I'm so excited for her, and I'm so inspired by her, that I want to copy her. I did make sure it was OK with her first, I didn't want to steal her thunder or anything. Anyways... check out her postings at
http://www.scrapbutterfly.blogspot.com/. So I am going to start mine as Fat Tuesdays! I hope that someday soon it can be skinny Tuesdays, but I digress...

Here's the dreaded pic of me....

Seriously... check out that double chin and muffin top!!!!!!! this pic was taken a few months ago, but it just rings more true today. I am starting my journey at 150 lbs. Some may think, oh that's not so bad.... but I'm only 5'3" tall, and that's on a good day (like when I'm wearing heels!! hahahaha) !!

OK, so a little background, I make cakes, cookies, sweets, sugar.... ALL DAY LONG!!!! I own a bakery, and it's sooooooo hard to lose weight when you are surrounded by good stuff like that all day long. I do try to live a life in moderation... one taste to make sure it passes QC (quality control) then that's it. But lately, I have been trying to leave that job for my husband. That requires an insane mount of trust on my part, that everything is at it's totally best, so I still QC sometimes!

When I met my husband I weighed 100 lbs.... yes, admittedly, that is an unhealthy weight. But when I got pregnant with our only child, I weighed 120, so I'd like to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. That's my goal!

No fad dieting here, just more exercise, less junk, and a healthier lifestyle. I love to cook, so I find myself making huge meals and proportions that could make restaurants want to split plates! That's just not good. So I need to work on proportion sizes and I think I could get rid of that 30 lbs. I'm going to post each week to make myself accountable, and to help motivate and inspire my Pal Lena! I love her with all my heart and I hope that reading my blog each week can help her in her struggle to become a healthier person! Best of Luck Lena... I'm right here with you!

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  1. awsome post! You might not be exstreme but if your not happy then its good to start sometime befor it gets out of hand ( like me)!


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