Mother's super sketchy sunday!

The difference between a normal SSS and Mother's Day SSS is this;

Moms get (lots) more artistic liberty today!

Case in point... My sketch! Ha ha ha Check it out!

So, the kids and the Coach represent the 3 triangles on the sketch, there's the artistic liberties I was talking about, and then the little soccer digi is the circle, and the sentiment is the rectangle. Really, other than the triangles, i followed this sketch pretty exact! I don't know, maybe it was the cake and coffee that I had for breakfast, too much sugar, and we all know how "special" coffee can be! ha ha ha anyways, here's the inside of the card too:

Yup, Evan actually, really, totally played in his soccer game yesterday, it was a good Mother's Day gift! Until yesterday he would not go in to play during a game if you bribed him with ANYTHING! hahahah and we all know how good mom's are at bribing kids to do stuff!! wink wink! But yesterday he played a while quarter, now maybe next game he'll actually kick the ball or something! ha ha ha Here's hoping.

To all of you mommies out there, have a wonderful day! I hope it's bright and sunny, and I hope that you don't have to do the dishes at all today!!!


  1. Oh my! This is sooo clever, cute and totally awesome take on the sketch!!! LOL!

  2. Oh my... what a fun, smart and totally cool take on the sketch!
    Think you can go join Rose on the "rebel-list" *wink, wink* LOL!

  3. I contend that your take on the sketch is marvelous! And even if it wasn't: artistic license is always allowed... even encouraged... just ask Gloria and Rose ;-)

  4. I see you have already let Rose influence you... bad girl {lol}! Just teasing, this is a marvelous take on the sketch!

  5. Love your fun take on the sketch!


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