Money, money, money, money..... money!

'Come on, sing it, you know you wanna..... I'll wait.... sing.... OK, now that we got THAT outta our systems (it will be stuck in you head all day now... ha ha ha!) I think we can move on. The challenge today was to make a card that has something to do with money! SWEET!!!! I found this quote online and thought that it would be PERFECT for the challenge..... My Pal sent me a bunch of fun stuff, and in that was this digi of these cute little girls shopping.... so I decided to use that.... thanks Pal! I finished it off with some silver and gold brads (wish those were real!) and called it a day. I played with putting ribbons and bows and flowers and such on this card.... I know.... gasp...Jammie made a card without a ribbon on it!!!!! But nothing seemed to fit just right... I think simple was the way to go with this, monochromatic, and let the words speak for themselves..... My sister LOVES to shop... so I think this card may go to her.... hahahahaha

OK, now onto the IMPORTANT STUFF!!!!!!! I GOT TOP TRIO!!!!!!!! Oh yeaa! Oh, yeah! Yeay me! Happy Dance! Woot, Woot! hahahahha I'm doing cartwheels (on the inside). What fun....? I made top trio for my 1920's Mickey Mouse (Steamboat Willie) card!!!!! See, thinking outside of the norm (usually just called being a bit strange) is what I do best! hahahahaha

Well, not that that is outta MY system... it's house cleaning day, and I better get to it! See y'all later!

P.S. I got top trio.... wooooohoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha (Ok, I'm done now.... honest!!!!!)

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  1. LOL girl your too funny!!! congrats again on making the top three :) so did you grab the blinky for your sidebar???

    super fun card and thanks so much for putting that song in my head!!! hope i don't hear it all night long lol

  2. congrats on making top 3!!!

    Love your card!


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