Card recipe day

Card recipes are hard for me. I never can seem to get the "ingredients" to go together well. Thank God I don't have that problem in life, or no one would shop at my bakery! ha ha ha But people rave about my cakes and goodies, so my problem must apply only to cards...wshew!!!! OK, so the card is the right size, thanks to pre-fab cards in a package!!! hahaha love buying those 100 kagillion pre-cut, pre-creased cards! ha ha ha Awesome! the 2 patterned papers are the green strip and the stripped strip, coincidentally they are also the "stripes" requirement since they are both printed with stripe patterns. The ribbon is pretty obvious here since it's NEON!!!!! ha ha ha and the stamped image and sentiment are front and center.... so I think it's all there! Woot woot!!!!

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