Avatar for a friend.

My friend, Naomi, wanted and Avatar-esk cake for her birthday last week. Well, ask and you shall receive! ha ha ha! I marbled the fondant with the colors from the movie, and then used shimmery ribbons to match. I also used luster dust and some rubber stamps to make swirls and flowers all over the cake in iridescent edible glitter. I think it turned out great. I tried to mimic the lights on the females' face with the little dots all over the cake, but I'm not so sure that came across well. Then I added the pic of the male and voila, Avatar-esk cake! hahahaha Maybe, perhaps, possibly I should have actually watched the movie before committing to the cake. Just a thought...

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  1. Hey Jammie,
    This looks great. Wish I could have tasted it.


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